Odessa Permian Panther Pepettes will be returning this year!!!

A staple to the student spirit, these young ladies are located
in the student section in the traditional candy-stripe black and white.

Look closely for the little one who carries her black & white pom-poms, her large stuffed panther.  She is little, but already can hold her weight in spirit and yells.  Already she knows things like:  Mighty Mighty say, Mighty Mighty say, Mighty Mighty say MOJO!  P PO POWER we got power, woo Panther Power say it say it.  This kid is not afraid to yell and turn back to the crowd to engage them.  She is savvy in old traditional things that worked well for years.  This is where the future resurrection will lay, in the spirit of these.  Dressed for success in traditional black & white, not the Dillard's tea party look.  So kudos to this little one with her shiny black hair ribbons, black panther shirt, saddle oxfords, and she even donned black & white sweater!  Keep yelling kiddo, you know the defense yells and many more to boot!


SCHOOL HISTORY - How Permian came into existence back in 1959.
ORIGIN OF MOJO - Stories of the adoption of Mojo to the Panthers.
WHERE ARE THEY NOW - Chronicles life after Permian for the past players.


Take a virtual tour through the Odessa Permian pages of history.  Watch historic video clips, listen to classic audio Panther takes, view oldie newspaper clippings, and  take in all the splendor of the Mojo Magic. All right from your computer desk.

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