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The MojoLand website came into existence in 1996, as a response to Buzz Bissinger's 'Friday Night Lights' book. I felt there were several bent truths and senstionalized information in the book. Being a graduate of Permian, I found portions of the book to be of no merit. Hence the creation of MojoLand.

The site began as a personal web page. It consisted of a news page, roster, schedule, coaching staff, and playoff history of the football team. In 1998, the Ector County Independent School District was in its second phase of becoming internet friendly and having a site originating from its campus. Along the way, more and more features to the site would evolve. The ECISD finally got on track and launched their own site, which included the full athletic programs. In 2000, MojoLand would yield to the school district site and re-focus on the football athletes and their achievements during and after dawning the panther uniform.

The production of 'Friday Night Lights - the Movie' began in March of 2004 and I had an inside track. MojoLand was the only website on the internet with daily updates and photos, as I was directly involved cast as a Permian assistant coach. The inside scoop afforded MojoLand to top One Million internet visitors a month in the Fall of 2005. For 2006, the site featured the first internet-based virtual museum dedicated to a high school football program and its history.

MojoLand entered its 19th season at the completion of the 2014 go-round. Through the many highs and lows, I have enjoyed corresponding with several of you over the years. Thank you all for the ride.


mojoland virtual museum


Permian Athletics

2-6A Standings

  Team Dist Sea   PF PA
  SA Central 3-0 7-0   393 116
  Midland High
3-0 6-1   295 216
  A Tascosa
3-1 6-2   270 200
  Midland Lee 2-2 3-5   255 306
1-3 3-5   207 268
  O Permian 0-3 4-3   289 176
  Odessa High
0-3 0-7   072 317
  update - 10/14/2016  10:15 p.m.


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