Mike Conaway played on the 1965 state championship team, which was the first title won by Odessa Permian.  The PHS graduate represents the 11th Congressional District of Texas, consisting of 36 counties in Central and West Texas including Midland, Odessa and San Angelo.  After playing defensive end for the Permian football team, Conaway went on to Texas A&M - Commerce and graduated there in 1970 with a BBA degree in Accounting.  After serving in the Army at Fort Hood, the congressman returned to the Permian Basin with Price Waterhouse and settled in Midland where he later worked with George W. Bush as the Chief Financial Officer for Bush Exploration.  In 1995, then-Governor Bush appointed Conaway to the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.  The Permian alumni was the first freshman member of Congress to win the Ronald Reagan Award for showing exemplary leadership in communicating the message of Social Security reform with their constituents.

Conaway currently serves on the House Agriculture, Armed Services, and Budget Committees. As a member of the Armed Services Committee he supports the goals of the Global War on Terror and the men and women in the armed forces. On the Agriculture Committee Mike works to protect the interests of rural America and the American farmer in the upcoming 2007 Farm Bill.

MojoLand's Terry Alan recently sat down with Congressman Mike Conaway as he reminisced through the 1965-66 season and what it was like playing during that time.  In this exclusive look back, we will highlight and post the session in segments.  We are proud of celebrate his accomplishments and are sure you will find the talks informative and entertaining.

  PART 1 Preparation for the state game against San Antonio Lee.
PART 2 Spring workouts under Coach Gene Mayfield.
PART 3 Permian -vs- San Angelo... Burning the Angry Orange.
PART 4 Influences and Lessons Learned.
PART 5 Advise and message for the student.
A special thanks to Congressman Conaway for allowing
the time to sit and "talk a little Mojo history".

The first ever virtual Permian High School football museum honors a history known the world over and has now opened to the internet community.  If you were a part of the early days of PHS (60s, 70s, or 80s), we would like for you to share your greatest memory with us for inclusion in the museum.  This includes the best game, road trips to Ratliff East, burning orange candles in front of the Field House, the countless splinters from W.T. Barrett Stadium, or what it's like being a graduate of Permian High School.


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